How to Use a Plunger and Clogged Toilet Fixes

June 1st, 2022

There can be nothing more terrifying than realizing your toilet is clogged and the water is not flushing as it normally should. But with a little knowledge of how to use a plunger or even ways to resolve a clogged toilet without a plunger, you can conquer any fear that a clogged toilet is giving you. Using a plunger is a task that even a home repair rookie should know how to do as it can potentially save you time and money. While a plunger isn’t going to fix every plumbing issue, it is an excellent first step to assess whether you can solve the problem without the assistance of a professional. Here are the best steps on how to use a plunger to fix a clogged toilet, and other potential solutions to fix the clog.

Step 1) Own a Plunger

Everyone should own at least one plunger in their home. Not owning a plunger is the same as not owning a fire extinguisher. When disaster strikes it is essential to have quality tools to quickly address any issue before it becomes worse. When looking for a plunger you should look for one with an extension flange. The bell-shaped flange is designed to fit toilets better making it easier to unplug a toilet. 

Step 2) Create a Seal

Use the rubber flange to create a seal within the bottom of the toilet bowl. Start by gently plunging into the toilet pipe as the plunger flange will be full of air, and allow the air to slowly release. Failing to start plunging slowly could cause things to get messy quickly.

Step 3) Loosen the Clog

Once the seal has been established and the initial pocket of air has been released you will be able to address the clog that is preventing water flow for your toilet. After you ensure that there is enough water in the bowl to submerge the plunger, begin to vigorously plunge, while also being careful not to break the seal. Plunge in an up and down motion repeatedly which will force water in both directions and help to break up any clogs. Once the clog has been broken up and the toilet has been successfully plunged you should be able to see the water level in the toilet lower, signifying that the blockage has been removed.

Other ways to Unclog a Toilet:

  1. A favorite way of the Price-Rite plumbing staff to unclog a toilet is to pour a bucket of hot, soapy water into the toilet prior to plunging. In some cases, multiple buckets of hot water could be needed, as the water will help to break down more challenging blockages. Simply letting the water sit for 15 minutes without plunging can break up any clogs, but be careful not to let the water sit in a clogged toilet for too long without plunging
  2. A toilet auger, also known as a closet auger or a drain snake can help to directly forcefully break up any clog. Use the toilet auger to reach in and push the debris down the pipe by twisting and pushing the toilet auger in a circular motion until you are able to successfully able to flush.

After you have tried to unclog your toilet through the use of a plunger, a toilet auger, and have tried the hot soapy water method it is best to call a plumber as there could be a more obtrusive blockage deeper within the drain pipes of your toilet. Do not attempt to disassemble your toilet unless you have extensive plumbing experience

Price-Rite Plumbing has been in business in Calgary for over 27 years and has dealt with its share of clogged toilets. Price-Rite Plumbing offers hourly prices to ensure you aren’t getting overcharged and a journeyman staff with experience in plumbing repairs. The next time you need help to solve your plumbing issues or dealing with a clogged toilet, call Price-Rite Plumbing at (403) 660-1122 to make sure the job is not only done right but priced right.

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