Stop Getting Soaked by your Plumber

August 24th, 2021

Are you afraid of calling the plumber for fear of getting soaked by unsuspecting fees? At Price-Rite Plumbing, we are honest, reliable, and friendly residential plumbers who take the time to help you understand your plumbing needs while providing high-quality work and affordable rates.  Our goal is to ensure you don’t feel like you are getting “soaked” by your plumber.

Let’s start by reviewing the red flags and tactics that plumbers use to lure you in before overcharging you.

The most common way buyers get overcharged is by overlooking language such as “flat rate plumbing.” Flat-rate plumbing sounds like a good concept in theory, but it can be expensive for homeowners in practice. In reality, it is more expensive because many plumbers do not consider the overlapping time between jobs. 

For example, if the plumbing company charges $150.00 per toilet and $200.00 per faucet, and you needed two toilets and three faucets repaired, then you would be paying upwards of $900.00 total. Even if the job only took two hours, they will still charge you the full flat-rate fee. Realistically this is about a 3hr job, which should cost around $450.00 parts and labor! Since a Flat-rate plumbing company uses a pre-set rate, they can do the same work and charge more! Leaving you feeling “soaked.” 

Another downside to flat-rate plumbing pricing is the quality of work drop-off. Companies that charge flat rates pay their employees a flat rate as well. Employees will often rush to complete the jobs faster to make themselves more money. These employees are inclined to hurry with flat-rate pricing, which can consequently reduce their quality of work. 

The next red flag is when plumbers keep poorly stocked vans and charge you for their commute time. Many plumbers will show up at their scheduled appointments without the proper equipment, meaning they have to leave and come back, sometimes multiple times. This back and forth driving will run up the bill and waste work time. This can be a frustrating tactic for both the homeowner and the plumber because it is very time-consuming. 

Lastly, be sure to ask about the plumber’s experience over the phone before confirming your appointment. Companies often send apprentices who are not experienced to diagnose and get the work done efficiently. Inexperienced plumbers can mean extra labor costs, and their inexperience may lead them to miss underlying issues. A fully qualified journeyman plumber should always accompany trainees.

At Price-Rite Plumbing, we care about the work we do, and we never overcharge for the services we provide. Price-Rite Plumbing works at an hourly rate and offers a quote option for larger projects. We maintain fully stocked vans to ensure that they are properly equipped with all the necessary gear to complete the job right the first time. Our staff are fully qualified journeyman plumbers who have extensive experience in the residential plumbing industry. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

So next time you need some plumbing, give us a call at 403-660-1122  and“stop getting soaked” by your plumber!

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